Nicole clarifies departure from Kara

LEAVING: Kara member Nicole Jung will leave the K-pop group in January.


    Oct 08, 2013

    Nicole clarifies departure from Kara

    NICOLE Jung, member of South Korean girl group Kara, wrote a long post on Twitter on Sunday, clarifying her departure from the group.

    Jung's agency, DSP Media, had said on Friday that the 21-year-old will not be renewing her contract and will therefore be leaving the five-member group in January.

    After apologising in her post for making Kara fans worry, Jung expressed surprise and disbelief at DSP Media's move to publicise her impending departure and contract issues right before the quintet's Japan concert tour, which starts today.

    Known for hit song Mister (2009), Kara are in the middle of promoting their latest single, Damaged Lady, from their full-length album Full Bloom.

    "The most important thing (is)... I started as a Kara member and I want to see the end as a Kara member. But after reading the articles and interviews saying that I would be switched out from Kara since I wasn't up for a contract renewal... That was very frustrating and confusing," wrote the singer.

    She clarified that her renewal debate with DSP Media is not a renewal as a Kara member, but as an artist under the agency.

    Jung stated that she hopes to find a solution where she can continue as a member of the girl group. She also took the opportunity to explain her decision to leave DSP Media.

    "I still have a lot of goals. That's why I want to re-make myself, while doing my best within Kara. To do that, I feel that I need time and effort... That's why I decided to not renew my personal contract with DSP, since I wanted to put that effort into my future," wrote Jung, who also stated that she will "continue promoting as a Kara member".

    Despite the changes in the line-up, DSP Media stated that the group will not be disbanded and will continue with their activities.

    The other members, Park Gyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon - both 25 - and Goo Ha Ra, 22, have renewed their deals with DSP Media.

    Youngest member Kang Ji Young, 19, has yet to decide whether she will renew her contract, which expires in April.