More light needed when we film

BUDDIES: Sean Lau (left) and Louis Koo were in town on Monday to promote the disaster film Out Of Inferno.


    Oct 02, 2013

    More light needed when we film

    The grim scenario of people trying to escape from a building engulfed in flames may have been the ominous premise of the new Hong Kong 3-D movie Out Of Inferno but, off the set, actors Sean Lau Ching Wan, 49, and Louis Koo, 42, are anything but glum.

    In the latest flick helmed by the Pang brothers, the seasoned actors play brothers - with Lau as chief firefighter and Koo as a former firefighter - at odds with each other over their beliefs when it comes to saving lives.

    In town to promote the disaster thriller on Monday, the tanned duo showed off their deadpan humour and easy chemistry, cultivated after working on 12 films together.

    In the film, Koo's character proposes to his girlfriend. Did that get you thinking about your own wedding proposal?

    Koo: I haven't really had time to think about it, I'll think about it if the opportunity arises in the future.

    Now, it seems to be the trend for couples to film their wedding proposal. When you see it, you feel quite touched.

    A few hundred people could be milling around, then suddenly you realise they are part of a planned wedding proposal. I don't have time now.

    Lau: Tell me (when you need help) and I'll arrange it for you.

    You are both tanned. How is it like filming on set together?

    Lau: When the two of us appear in the same frame, the lighting guys just have to shine more light.

    But when a fairer actor, like Malaysian co-star Lee Sinje, is in the picture, the lighting guys have problems finding a balance.

    Koo: My female co-stars look good when they appear in the same scene as me, because of all the light shining on us. The effect looks as if we are filming a (dreamy) music video.

    Did you guys get a higher fee for acting in Out Of Inferno, since it required you to pull off some dangerous stunts?

    Koo: If the next movie I take on is easier to act in, do I ask to lower my fee? If you find that interviewing us is difficult, do you go back and ask your boss for a raise?

    Koo, you've played a wide spectrum of roles, even a drug addict. Is there one role that you wouldn't take on?

    Koo: No... Maybe an animal. It would be hard to act as an animal. (Barks like a dog) Wo wo wo.

    Actors like you lead hectic lives. Have you ever thought of slowing down and lessening your workload?

    Koo: I'm a workaholic. If I don't work, I would feel lost...There is no retirement age for showbiz.

    Lau: I think I'm the opposite of him. He likes to work, I can't be too busy.

    Lau, do you set aside time to be with your wife, former TV actress Amy Kwok?

    Lau: I don't really set aside time. If I'm in Hong Kong, I'll go home once I wrap up filming. While filming on set in Hong Kong, I will text her. When I go overseas for work, like on this trip, we will exchange text messages.

    But when we are home, we don't talk to each other. It's funny how we have nothing to say when we see each other. (Laughs)


    Out Of Inferno opens in cinemas here tomorrow.