Lohan sizzles as Liz but fizzles in acting

LIZ LOOKALIKE: Lindsay Lohan's acting may be cringe-worthy, but she's got the late Elizabeth Taylor's look down pat.


    Jul 05, 2013

    Lohan sizzles as Liz but fizzles in acting

    LIZ & DICK

    Saturday, 8pm and Tuesday, 9pm

    Lifetime Channel (StarHub Ch 514)

    Rating: 1.5/5

    OH, LINDSAY Lohan.

    You really do owe one of your fellow former child stars big time for deflecting media attention from you in recent months.

    Indeed, before the Great Amanda Bynes Meltdown, it was Lohan - once a fresh-faced, freckled ingenue in movies like The Parent Trap (1998) - who provided endless tabloid fodder for her bad behaviour.

    The messiness spilled over into her professional life too, especially during the filming of biopic Liz & Dick, about the tumultuous relationship between the late Elizabeth Taylor and her fifth husband, Welsh actor Richard Burton.

    Producers said working with Lohan, 27, who was in rehab, was "not for the faint of heart".

    They had to deal with several challenges, such as the actress' hospitalisation for exhaustion and a car accident which caused production delays.

    Watching the resulting made-for-TV movie, one could say that putting up with her antics might not have been worth it.

    The whole thing is like a car accident. You don't want to look, but you just can't seem to avert your eyes.

    Although Lohan's acting is cringe-worthy - one wonders how she managed to be so over-the-top and yet so wooden - her co-star, Kiwi actor Grant Bowler (Ugly Betty) doesn't fare much better. Watching the pair in steamy love scenes is more laughable than sexy, especially when Lohan-as-Liz demands in a cutesy purr: "More! I want more!"

    Still, there's at least one reason to check out the flick.

    Excellent make-up and wardrobe choices mean Lohan's transformation into the Hollywood screen legend, who died of heart failure in 2011 at age 79, is believable. From the trademark beauty mark on her right cheek to the winged eyeliner and 1960s-style dresses, she's got the look down pat.

    Overall, Liz & Dick is so bad it's good. Well, almost.