Lee Byung Hun flashes six-pack abs again

DANGEROUS: In Red 2, Lee Byung Hun plays an assassin hired to kill retired CIA agent Frank Moses, played by Bruce Willis.


    Jul 30, 2013

    Lee Byung Hun flashes six-pack abs again

    SOUTH Korean star Lee Byung Hun, who showed off his ripped body earlier this year in an action movie, will be back to show off his six-pack abs in another action-packed movie.

    The 43-year-old heartthrob made a shirtless appearance in G.I. Joe: Retaliation early this year, much to the delight of female fans.

    He sheds his clothes again in his third Hollywood action movie, Red 2, which opens here on Thursday.

    In Red 2, Lee plays assassin Han Cho Bai, who is hired to kill Frank Moses, played by Bruce Willis.

    His performance in this action film, about United States Central Intelligence Agency operatives who get together after their retirement, has drawn praise from his fellow cast members.

    According to Lotte Entertainment, Willis said that Lee was very professional and filmed the action sequences safely while adding a sense of reality to the action-packed scenes.

    Co-star Mary-Louise Parker reportedly said that Lee "looks like he came from a comic book when he films his action scenes". Actress Helen Mirren said that he is a "great man and it was great to work with him".

    Lee, who began training in taekwondo when he was four, told The New Paper that his six-pack is for "acting purposes" and that he works out "like normal people".

    He told the newspaper that he works out thrice a week. But for Red 2, he doubled the frequency of his workouts and cut down on sugar, carbohydrates, salt and alcohol.

    He may have made a presence in Hollywood - he is the first Korean to leave his handprints and footprints in the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, along with actor Ahn Sung Ki - but the star said he does not have plans to move to the United States.

    Could it be that Lee and his wife-to-be, actress Lee Min Jung, 31, have decided to remain in their home country?

    The couple recently announced that they will be tying the knot on Aug 10, more than one year after they confirmed their relationship.

    All eyes will be on their wedding, which reportedly is to be held at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, with actor Shin Young Gyun officiating at the ceremony, and actor Lee Bum Soo and emcee Shin Dong Yup hosting the reception.