JJ returns to light up the night with Sun

SPECIAL GUEST: Stefanie Sun made a special appearance at JJ Lin's concert on Saturday.


    Nov 11, 2013

    JJ returns to light up the night with Sun

    ARTIST: JJ Lin

    VENUE: Singapore Indoor Stadium

    ATTENDANCE: 8,000

    WHEN: Saturday

    THE mere mention of her name by Singapore's piano-plonking prince, JJ Lin, elicited rapturous screams from the full-house crowd at his concert on Saturday.

    Emerging from the stage in a tight tube dress, Singapore "national treasure" Stefanie Sun's svelte figure betrayed no signs of motherhood.

    Hearing the 34-year-old lend her unique vocals to Lin's melancholic song She Says, of which the melody was composed by him and lyrics written by her, was a refreshing treat to the fans, as the home-grown songbirds sang a duet of the song for the first time.

    Sun followed it up with her own hit, Tao Wang (Escape), but not before teasing the crowd with her sexy ensemble.

    "I'm showing you support by wearing Jolin Tsai-style clothes," said the singer cheekily, referring to the Taiwanese singer's choice of racy costumes.

    To which Lin responded: "With the outfit you're wearing, I forget that you're already married."

    The night's performance was a homecoming of sorts for both talents, with Sun making the special appearance for the 32-year-old Lin ahead of her highly anticipated comeback at the end of the year.

    Having performed around the region and beyond, the boyish Lin finally brought his Timeline World Tour - a concert that marks his 10th year in the music industry - home on Saturday night.

    Taking a walk down memory lane, the singer's repertoire for the night was a good mix of new and old. He opened with a jazzed-up version of 2011's Ling Hun De Gong Ming (Clash Of The Souls) and ended the night befittingly with his 2004 breakout hit, Jiang Nan.

    With a jet-setting career that takes him around the world, Lin took the time to thank his parents, who were seated in the front row.

    He also shared the spotlight with older brother Eugene, when they performed the heartwarming duet Fly Back In Time, which they recorded on Lin's latest album.

    The brothers used to be part of a band, The Gents, and also trained under Singapore music company Ocean Butterflies' singing programme.

    Showing the singing chops that has taken him thus far in the music industry, Lin is no doubt a proficient vocalist who is clearly more comfortable behind the piano than groovin' it out.

    Still, one must give him kudos for learning the signature hip-gyrating moves and gravity-defying lean of the late king of pop Michael Jackson. What's more, Lin ended his dance number by ripping off his black tank top to reveal his toned abs.

    In keeping with the soothing ballads the singer is best known for, his fans didn't go wild and, instead, cheered supportively throughout the concert.

    But, boy, did I underestimate the level of fanaticism Lin could elicit when he threw a sweat-soaked, autographed towel into the crowd. A scuffle broke out and security had to intervene.

    Now, that's a testament to his stardom - 10 years on.