Oct 24, 2013

    He can do it: Rob's a stand-up guy

    AMERICAN actor and comedian Rob Schneider will return to Singapore this weekend to perform his newest stand-up comedy show, after a sold-out performance in 2011.

    But don't expect to hear many of the Saturday Night Live alumnus' famous catchphrases - such as "You can do it!" from 1998's The Waterboy, starring Adam Sandler, his long-time collaborator - this time round.

    My Paper recently spoke to Schneider, who turns 50 next week, on why he prefers not to perform the movie stuff in his show, becoming a dad again (his second daughter, Miranda Scarlett, is 11 months old) and what he wants for his birthday.

    What's it been like being a dad again?

    It's been great. It's been exciting and tiring, but I love it. When she's just laughing about something, there's nothing better than that for me.

    What you have planned for your birthday?

    Hopefully, my wife and Adam Sandler will throw me a big party. Hopefully, Adam Sandler will buy me a new car (laughs).

    Does getting older scare you?

    I try to keep so busy that I don't think about it. Somebody asked me what was on my bucket list. Do I have to start thinking about that now that I'm 50? My bucket list is to have no bucket list. The heaviest thing in my luggage when I travel is my vitamins.

    Does it get harder to put on the show as you age?

    Keeping your energy up, you can't be partying the night before.

    If we go out to dinner after the show, I'm exhausted. So you really have to be respectful to your body and your audience and really make sure you can put it out there.

    People are paying money to come see me, and I want to make sure it's memorable.

    Will you be doing your well-known catchphrases at the show?

    Not this time, I'm sorry. The (fans) can rent those movies if they want to see those movies, if they're feeling nostalgic. The stand-up act is good enough where people are not going to feel they've wasted an evening of their time. I don't do anything from my movies anymore.

    Are you glad to leave those characters behind?

    Those are fun characters and I don't regret (doing) them. They made me famous, but I don't know if I'd ever do it again. Something that's funny as a 30- or 25-year-old man isn't necessarily funny for a guy hitting 50. If I tried to play a teenage girl in a movie now (like I did in 2002's The Hot Chick) I'd probably end up getting arrested.


    Catch Rob Schneider - with opening by home-grown comedian Hossan Leong - at The Star Theatre on Saturday at 8pm. Tickets from $98 to $148 are available from Sistic ( or tel: 6348-5555).