Go wild for these girls

SISTER ACT: Sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim of rock band Haim will release their debut album, Days Are Gone, on Sept 30.


    Aug 07, 2013

    Go wild for these girls

    ADELE, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Pink have been outselling many of their male counterparts and, now, record companies are on the hunt for female stars.

    Here are a few names to keep an eye out for.


    The three Californian sisters and their drumming buddy of rock band Haim have yet to release an album, but they have already been hyped to the heavens - and deservedly so.

    On Monday night, it was confirmed that debut album Days Are Gone will be out on Sept 30.

    Haim - comprising sisters Este, 27, Danielle, 24, and Alana Haim, 21, and Dash Hutton - have also covered British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac's Hold Me, and rather well. Their sound has echoes of blues legend Janis Joplin and some splashy guitar work that would do Bob Seger and Tom Petty proud.


    Many people will already know of the new Adele - Emeli Sande's first name is actually Adele, though she uses her middle name as a performer.

    For someone who's been in the music scene for only a couple of years, Sande has a lot of poise.

    The English-born Scottish singer, 26, comes teetering in big heels and bigger Mohican hair and has the chutzpah to open her shows with her best-known song, Heaven.

    In a little over a year, the former medical student has played the opening and closing shows of the London Olympic Games, got married and recorded Britain's best-selling album of last year, Our Version Of Events, which is now on sale with extra tracks.


    The commitment and quality of Eileen Rose's performance last month at the Green Note in Camden, London, were equal to any of the shows by the musicians mentioned above. The 48-year-old was on a European tour, playing at mainly small and packed venues, some of which could have sold out many times over.

    Rose's Shine Like It Does was a stunning start in 2000 and she has hardly put a foot wrong since.

    It's slightly beyond comprehension that someone this talented isn't mega famous.

    She's moved to Nashville from Boston and has teamed up with the impressive, and legendary, guitarist Rich Gilbert.