G-Dragon slays with bombastic show

ONE OF A KIND: K-pop star and fashion maverick G-Dragon worked the stage last Saturday, putting on a razzle-dazzle affair of a show complete with fireworks, strobe lights and elaborate props.


    Jul 01, 2013

    G-Dragon slays with bombastic show

    ARTIST: G-Dragon

    VENUE: Singapore Indoor Stadium

    ATTENDANCE: 7,000

    WHEN: Last Saturday

    SOUTH Korean idol G-Dragon may be one fifth of boyband BigBang, but the singer-rapper proved that he can hold his own at his first solo outing in Singapore.

    At the first of his two-night concert held over the weekend, the 24-year-old G-Dragon was one Energizer bunny, working the stage and charming the audience with constant teasing.

    The performer seemed more at ease on the sprawling stage of the Singapore Indoor Stadium, unlike his sullen self at an earlier press conference.

    Singapore is the final leg for his inaugural One Of A Kind solo world tour that has taken him to countries around the region, such as China, Japan and Indonesia.

    The fashion maverick put on a razzle-dazzle affair of a show complete with fireworks, strobe lights and elaborate props. Think a throne made entirely out of chains and a futuristic transparent sports car.

    You see, subtlety is not one of G-Dragon's strong suits. Albeit overwhelming at times, the singer's avant-garde ways make him stand out in the competitive K-pop industry.

    Performing a 19-song set list filled with mostly high-octane tunes like Michigo and One Of A Kind, there were times when, sadly, the deafening music overpowered his vocals.

    The quieter moments during his ballads were refreshing to the senses. When G-Dragon performed his "favourite song", That XX, the audience could hear his unique vocals above the simple acoustic-guitar accompaniment.

    The guest performers were South Korean girl group 2NE1, who were no filler for the night.

    The pop quartet got the crowd all pumped up with their hits Fire, Can't Nobody and I'm The Best.

    While G-Dragon is great in a one-man show, BigBang songs such as Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy that he performed were just not the same without the diverse vocals of the other four band members.

    Most of all, I missed the camaraderie the band leader shared with his members - T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri - during their sold-out concert here last year.

    Towards the end of the concert, the singer said: "I'll come back soon with my BigBang brothers."

    I'll hold you to that, G-Dragon.