Flirtatious Pitbull turns up the heat

SCORCHER: Cuban-American rapper Pitbull, 32, teased the crowd and his four scantily-clad dancers at Saturday's concert.


    Sep 02, 2013

    Flirtatious Pitbull turns up the heat

    WHAT: Pitbull Global Warming Tour

    VENUE: Singapore Expo's MAX Pavilion

    ATTENDANCE: 5,000

    WHEN: Saturday

    TALK about turning the heat way, way up.

    At his second Singapore outing on Saturday, Cuban-American rapper Pitbull went all out to put on a blistering show that cemented his reputation as a ladykiller on the pop circuit.

    The Singapore Expo's MAX Pavilion, packed to the gills with adoring fans - from club bunnies dressed in their skimpy best to parents with young kids in tow - was transformed into a thumping nightclub from the moment the guy took the stage at 8.15pm.

    Over an all-too-short 70 minutes, the 32-year-old, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, tore through a scorching set which comprised all his biggest hits, as well as sampled a slew of familiar tunes from other artists, from Black Sabbath to Beastie Boys.

    Mr Worldwide, as he is commonly known, had a commanding stage presence, and, boy, did he make full use of it.

    Thrusting his hips and shuffling his feet, salsa-style, the rapper - decked out fully in black and donning aviator sunglasses for most of the show - oozed charisma.

    It didn't seem to matter that most of his hits are collaborations, and his co-conspirators, including singer-actress Jennifer Lopez and R&B superstar Usher, were not in attendance.

    Instead, pre-recorded video footage of the various singers was flashed on a massive screen, with Pitbull, who last performed here at Fort Canning Park in 2010, performing condensed versions of club anthems like Dance Again (2012), On The Floor (2011) and Get It Started (2012).

    He flirted with the crowd as well as with his four scantily-clad dancers, who gave Miley Cyrus a run for her money with their impressive twerking skills.

    At one point, he acknowledged the "beautiful, hot, sophisticated and powerful women" in the audience, teasing about inviting them back to his hotel room before segueing into the saucy song Hotel Room Service (2009).

    Things had reached a sizzling fever pitch when, all too soon, it was over.

    Oh, Pit, we could have danced all night.