Jul 03, 2013

    Films to catch at the Japanese Film Festival

    SHADY (2012)

    Rating: NC16
    Drama/93 minutes
    Director: Ryohei Watanabe

    Because of her last name, "Kumada" (bear), and her appearance, Misa's high-school classmates call her "Pooh".

    Popular Izumi suddenly takes an interest in her and they become best friends. Although puzzled by Izumi's interest in her, Misa is excited about having a friend for the first time. But Izumi's innocent appearance belies a dangerous truth.

    Date: Friday, 9.30pm

    Venue: National Museum of Singapore

    Price: $13 from


    I ARE YOU, YOU AM ME (1982)

    Rating: NC16

    Comedy/113 minutes

    Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi

    When ninth-graders Kazuo and Kazumi fall down a long flight of steps from a hilltop shrine, they awaken to find their bodies switched.

    Their lives in junior high aren't made any easier, though they begin to develop feelings for one another in this hilarious coming-of-age story.

    Date: Saturday, 1.30pm

    Venue: National Museum of Singapore

    Price: $13 from


    VILLAIN (2010)

    Rating: R21

    Drama/139 minutes

    Director: Lee Sang Il

    Socially inept blue-collar worker Yuichi lives with his grandmother and meets women via Internet-based dating services.

    His latest fling is Yoshino, who is stringing him along until she finds someone better.

    After an unpleasant encounter between the two, Yoshino is found dead and Yuichi quickly becomes the main suspect.

    Date: Monday, 7.30pm

    Venue: National Museum of Singapore

    Price: Free admission