Jun 13, 2013

    Exploring Malaysia on a Harley

    The blonde, blue-eyed Jaime Dempsey, who is based in Los Angeles, flew across the globe to ride around Malaysia in a Harley-Davidson bike, searching for adventures, gastronomical cuisines and exotic holiday destinations.

    The 37-year-old biker chick and host of travel documentary Ride N' Seek recounts the highlights of her trip and her fondest memories from past vacations.

    You used to accompany your father on trips, as early as when you were five. Which was the first country he took you to?

    He took me to Nice in France. I learnt how to be a prim-and-proper lady over there (laughs). They taught me how to eat properly and I learnt the chorus dance called the can-can. It was so much fun.

    Both of you travelled mostly around Europe. Which is your favourite country?

    Definitely Italy. Every facet of their culture, from the art right down to the food, is just beautiful.

    Venice is the epitome of Italy to me, and I recommend it highly as a vacation destination.

    You visited more than half of the 13 Malaysian states. It must be hard to pick a favourite.

    It is. If I had to pick one, it would be Penang.

    Georgetown, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, is so beautiful. I love the converted shophouses that retain a tinge of history.

    And don't forget Penang assam laksa - what a heavenly sin.

    Which Malaysian dish did you like best?

    Chendol, hands down. I love how it is such a cooling dessert.

    Nonya-styled food and goreng pisang (fried bananas) were amazing too.

    In your show, you visit many local bike clubs. How was that like?

    The Harley riders at Lost Malaya, a hangout spot in Johor Baru, were extremely intimidating at first. They are tough and big, but they turned out to be such well-mannered men.

    They had the coolest bikes too. The customisations, from various types of leather to the word engravings, were very impressive.

    What's next on your travel list?

    New Zealand. The vast open space of nothingness is so scenic and meditative. I can't wait to see the glaciers and try my hand at zip-lining.


    Ride N' Seek airs on Mondays on History Channel (StarHub Ch 303) at 10pm.