Emo Yung puts on energetic show

ELECTRIFYING: Although she looked thin from recent weight loss, Hong Kong star Joey Yung pranced around the stage at her concert last Saturday.


    Jul 01, 2013

    Emo Yung puts on energetic show

    ARTIST: Joey Yung

    VENUE: Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre

    ATTENDANCE: 5,000

    WHEN: Last Saturday

    HONG Kong Cantopop singer Joey Yung might have looked thin from her recent weight loss, but her performance last Saturday showed that she was still her energetic self.

    The 33-year-old delivered a total of 29 songs, providing the 5,000-strong audience with an electrifying performance.

    For 21/2 hours, she pranced around the stage at the Compass Ballroom, belting out hit songs including Airport, which is said to be the theme song of her tour.

    Yung chose a mix of tunes that showed off her vocals. Even though she is usually known for singing ballads, she mixed in a few fast songs as well.

    With each of her ballads, such as Avoid You and Tong Ai (Painful Love), it felt like Yung was communicating her feelings to the audience.

    Her songs were emotionally charged, and she even teared while singing the show's last song, Strong.

    Her fast songs, such as Mad About U and Monroe, however, did not impress. It could have been due to the more complicated choreography, but she seemed to have less control over her voice.

    Named Joey Yung Concert Number 6, the performance featured different sides of Yung, from a sweet young thing to a confident and sexy bombshell.

    To do that, she changed in and out of seven costumes.

    While some of the outfits impressed - like a butter-yellow gown and a rainbow-coloured skirt - some just fell flat. One example was her third costume, a huge white coat that made her look like a white Cookie Monster.

    During the gig, Yung shared with fans that she had to go on a strict diet while on tour. Her weight loss was evident when she kept having to pull up the trousers of one of her outfits.

    The Hong Kong star also told the audience that she was worried that the haze that had enveloped Singapore - which was the last destination for this tour - would affect her voice.

    She added that now that the haze is clearing up, the air here is much better than in Hong Kong, eliciting laughter from the crowd.

    One of the highlights of the concert was when she took out a guitar and strummed to Airport. Halfway through the song, she performed it acoustically, displaying her musical talent.

    Another highlight was when she performed a Matrix-like dance to the song Scream.

    The singer showed off her flexibility when she bent backwards in the middle of the dance to avoid a speeding bullet shown on an LED screen behind her.

    The audience was visibly awed, judging from the gasps.

    At the end of the concert, Yung told the crowd to remember the night that they had shared.

    I know I will.