Jun 18, 2013

    Comedy as part of culture

    Home-grown stand-up comedian Muhd Fadzri Abd Rashid, 27, also known as Fakkah Fuzz, will be heading to Penang to perform in the Rojak! - Live Stand-up Comedy show, which is part of the cultural Causeway EXchange Festival being held from Thursday to Sunday.

    Are you surprised at how quickly your comedy career has taken off?

    Honestly, I am always surprised at what this line of work has in store for me and have never stopped being grateful for every opportunity.

    However, as much as I have been given opportunities, I still believe that I have a lot more to learn. I'm like that black kid in Karate Kid. Yup… Jaden Smith.

    Does the comedy culture vary from country to country?

    Yes, of course. In South-east Asia, stand-up comedy is still at its infant stage. However, in a span of just five years the scene has grown and many new talents and platforms have emerged since, which is encouraging.

    It takes more time to warm up an Asian crowd but once you get them excited and hyped up, they are with you all the way.

    What are your favourite comedy clubs to play in in Singapore and the region?

    In Singapore, I really love to work on open mic, such as Comedy Masala and Talk-Cock Comedy.

    However, regionally, my favourite room would be an open-mic stand in Kuala Lumpur; there's something about the ambience and crowd that give that intimate feeling that I like.

    Have you been involved in such festivals before?

    I was involved in the Australian Comedy Festival but this is my first time being a part of a cultural festival which makes it more exciting as people should know that comedy is part of the culture, just like theatre.