BigBang: Boy, were they hot, hot, hot

BAD BOYS: BigBang, comprising (from left) Seungri, T.O.P., Daesung, G-Dragon and Taeyang, at the F1 concert on Friday.


    Sep 23, 2013

    BigBang: Boy, were they hot, hot, hot

    VENUE: Padang Stage, Zone 4

    ATTENDANCE: 35,000

    WHEN: Friday night

    RATING: 3.5/5

    AFTER months of solo activities, the edgy quintet reunited onstage at the Padang with 90 minutes of non-stop ditties that hit all the right notes with fans - from crowd-rousing favourite Fantastic Baby to G-Dragon's new chart-topping song Crooked.


    Boy, did the BigBang boys turn up the heat. Three songs into their extensive setlist for the night, the fans were all hyped up and the lads were sweating buckets in humid weather here.

    Helping a fellow member to cool down, G-Dragon, 25, cheekily poured a bottle of cold water over the group's crooner Daeseung - revealing the 24-year-old's chiselled pecs under his black tee.

    Now that's hot.


    Chilli crab is the de facto local dish that South Korean acts dig in to when in town.

    While other celebrities merely tell their fans about their love affair with the spicy fare, 25-year-old Taeyang took it up a notch up with his own rap.

    Bopping to the rhythmic beat-boxing of his members, Taeyang rapped: "I ate chilli crab and pepper crab and man tous (a Chinese bun)."

    He then tantalised fans about an upcoming solo album: "I promised I'm going to drop it soon. If you guys like it, buy it."


    Plugging their recent solo efforts, members G-Dragon and Seungri had their time in the limelight on stage.

    Youngest member Seungri, 22, got sexy, gyrating his hips to the catchy hook - I'm hustlin', I'm hustlin' - of his new single Gotta Talk To U.

    But it was the charismatic G-Dragon's explosive performance of Crooked that proved that he was on his way to world domination (The fashion-forward chameleon recently made it to the pages of New York Times and was compared to America's Lady Gaga.)

    Not only hyping up the crowd on the Padang, Caucasian viewers in the Grand Stand were spotted chanting "G-Dragon".


    So The Killers may have drawn a bigger turnout than BigBang. But the VIPs (the collective name for BigBang's fans) proved their undying dedication to their idols.

    They queued for hours under the scorching sun, donned BigBang-inspired attire - celebrity fan Ann Kok wore a tee emblazoned with the words "Fantastic Baby" - and turned the Padang into a sea of yellow by waving their official lightsticks.

    Their all-out efforts didn't go unnoticed by the group's leader, G-Dragon, who said: "I know you guys have been waiting since morning. We really appreciate it."

    No, thank you, BigBang, for the fantastic night.