Bed scenes a step out of her comfort zone

COMPARISONS TO SHU QI: Full-lipped Angel Chiang (above), who plays a teenage hooker, may be getting her big break in Hong Kong flick A Secret Between Us, in a fashion similar to that of Taiwanese sex siren Shu Qi.


    Nov 18, 2013

    Bed scenes a step out of her comfort zone

    ROOKIE Chinese actress Angel Chiang's bee-stung lips have earned her comparisons to Taiwanese sex siren Shu Qi, who is known for her full and luscious lips.

    But the 24-year-old TVB artist told MyPaper that she was never really fond of her plump lips and had wanted thinner ones instead.

    "I didn't like my lips in the past. People told me that women with such lips are really attractive. It's a part of me that I inherited from my mum. Now I've learnt to accept and admire my lips," said the eloquent Chiang in Mandarin over the phone from Hong Kong earlier this month.

    The youthful actress said that she's more than happy to be associated with the "pretty" Shu Qi, who made a name for herself with the award-winning soft-pornstar character in the 1996 sex comedy Viva Erotica.

    Chiang may just be getting her big break in a similar fashion in her first leading movie role in Hong Kong flick A Secret Between Us.

    She plays a virginal teenager, Bobo, who goes into prostitution to raise money to buy a kidney for her sick mother (played by Elena Kong). Her unorthodox means of raking in quick cash puts a strain on her relationship with childhood sweetheart Ken (model-turned-actor Edward Ma).

    While Secret is no Category III film (a rating used in Hong Kong that prevents those under 18 from watching or renting such films), Chiang attempts the maiden bed scene in her career with co-star Ma.

    The candid Chiang said: "I wasn't really burdened about taking on the female lead of the movie. The pressure came from having to film the bed scenes with the male lead. We were strangers and didn't know each other before the movie."

    Having starred mostly in TVB dramas, Chiang said it was a step out of her comfort zone as movies have a greater leeway for featuring intimacy than television.

    Her TVB resume includes the controversial melodrama When Heaven Burns (2011) and the long-running family sitcom Come Home Love (2012).

    Taking on a bed scene was also a first for model Ma, who is making his foray into acting with Secret.

    He said that the long-drawn filming of the bed scene with many pairs of eyes watching them was a "torture".

    Despite the sheer amount of "bodily contact" in the bed scenes, the initial awkwardness wore away and the duo were able to get under the skin of their characters.

    Full of praises for her leading man, Chiang said: "He was very gentlemanly. In between shoots, he would give me a towel to cover myself so that I wouldn't catch a cold."

    The melancholic movie is not without its romantic moments. In one memorable scene, Ken washes Bobo's locks in a makeshift hair-salon sink in a rundown back alley.

    Sadly, Chiang said that in real life no guy has done anything so romantic for her.

    So how about getting her future boyfriend to wash her hair?

    The precocious lass, who is obviously no hopeless romantic, answered in a heartbeat: "I rather not, it's too troublesome. I can wash my hair on my own."

    A Secret Between Us is showing in cinemas here.