Barbie's tip: Just exercise and eat healthy

ALL DOLLED UP: Chelsea Rae Bernier (seated, left) plays a Barbie doll in the world premiere of Barbie Live at Marina Bay Sands.


    Sep 11, 2013

    Barbie's tip: Just exercise and eat healthy

    American actress Chelsea Rae Bernier, who has acted in several musicals and TV shows like Thoroughly Modern Millie and California Girls, takes on the role of a Barbie doll in the world premiere of the musical Barbie Live at Marina Bay Sands.

    The 24-year-old spoke to My Paper about her experiences on Barbie Live and her thoughts on the stereotypical notions that her on-screen persona has perpetrated.

    How was it like getting into the role of Barbie?

    I feel that I've been preparing for it my whole life. I work really hard to be a positive role model and a kind person to those around me.

    Physically, I think that beauty is only skin deep. So as long as you exercise and eat healthy - which is what I do - then that's all that matters.

    What were some characteristics that you had to bring across?

    Well, I think that the main thing about Barbie is the message which the brand brings: That you can be whoever and do anything that you want to do. So I used that motto to help cue me and my performance.

    Do you have any childhood memories of Barbie?

    I was definitely a fan of Barbie in my childhood. She's a multi-generational icon (through which) I was able to share stories with my grandmother and mother.

    Is the life of Barbie really all that magical and perfect?

    In the show, we talk about how we don't have to be perfect and so I think that that's a really important message that the Barbie brand brings.

    I think that the stage is magical and that this show is magical, so for what that is, Barbie is magical.

    Barbie has always been at the centre of beauty stereotypes. Growing up, was Barbie a beauty role model to you?

    Personally, I believe that it is important to eat healthy and exercise. So as long as you feel good on the inside and you are a kind person, it's really all that matters.

    Growing up, I used Barbie to role play. She's had so many different careers and I pretended to be a nurse when she was a nurse.


    Barbie Live! is showing at MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands from now till Saturday. Tickets are priced between $35 and $125, and are available at Sistic. Visit