Whimsical wear for mums-to-be

SOFT AND FLUID: Fabrics such as silk and chiffon are used in dresses in the Something Beautiful collection.
Whimsical wear for mums-to-be

COLOURFUL AND FLOWING: Clothing from the Something Beautiful collection feature rich colours and prints.


    Sep 13, 2013

    Whimsical wear for mums-to-be

    FASHION retailers such as Zara and Topshop are known to carry maternity-friendly clothes for women whose baby bumps are starting to show or who want more comfortable options in their wardrobes.

    Now, local maternity-wear label Milky Way, helmed by founder Kay Wong, has come up with sartorial options for mums-to-be. The 38-year-old has collaborated with home-grown artist Adeline Yeo, 36, to create the Something Beautiful collection, a series of maternity-friendly clothing that is made from soft and fluid fabrics such as silk and chiffon.

    Unlike the usual dull maternity wear, such as shapeless dresses embellished with hideous ribbons and kitschy prints, the clothes created by the duo feature rich colours and prints that are designed by Ms Yeo.

    Ms Wong said she was drawn to Ms Yeo's artworks, which "conveyed a deep sense of joy and of hope, with a touch of whimsy".

    "We wanted to capture the various facets of a woman's life and Adeline painted a series of artwork that reflected all that.

    "I derived my inspiration from her artworks and designed the collection around them," said Ms Wong, who revealed that the two had met while on a business-networking trip in Prague and Bratislava, where they became friends.

    For the collection, Ms Yeo created six exclusive paintings. Then Ms Wong either extracted a portion of an artwork or used the entire piece, and digitally rendered them onto different fabrics.

    Ms Wong said reproducing the colours and prints as accurately as possible was an important consideration and different types of textile were sourced for and tested with the prints.

    Even before its official launch here yesterday, Ms Wong said she had received preorders from Australia, the brand's main market. The clothing collection will also be available in Britain.

    In Singapore, the full range of clothes - which includes skirts, dresses, tops and scarves - is priced between $129 and $279, and is available online at

    Part of the proceeds from yesterday's launch will go to Mother and Child, a social enterprise that provides home-based sewing work for disadvantaged mothers so that they can become economically self-sufficient.

    Asked why she chose to donate part of the money from the sale of her clothes, Ms Wong replied: "As a mother myself, and being in the fashion-manufacturing industry, it just was the most natural choice."