New beauty brands to hit stores soon

CULT LABEL: Make-up brand Illamasqua, known for its theatrical make-up colours, will be available at Robinsons Orchard soon.


    Oct 04, 2013

    New beauty brands to hit stores soon

    LADIES, prepare your pockets, as several beauty brands that were previously unavailable here are slated to be launched in the next few months.

    Multi-label cosmetics and skincare store Sephora is the one to watch as three new skincare and make-up brands - PureHeal's from South Korea, American haircare brand Living Proof, and American cosmetics label Tarte - are expected to enter the market.

    Department store Robinsons Orchard - which will open within the next two months at the former Heeren building - will be bringing in two labels that were previously unavailable in Singapore: Japanese skincare brand Orbis and British make-up brand Illamasqua.

    Here's what to expect in the next few months.