Great baby aids for the hands-on dad

HAPPY TOT: This Soother Clip attaches the pacifier to your baby's clothing without leaving any marks.
Great baby aids for the hands-on dad

EASY: Get milk at the perfect temperature in under three minutes with the Thermal Bottle Warmer.


    Jun 14, 2013

    Great baby aids for the hands-on dad

    FATHERS are encouraged to be more hands-on these days, and most change nappies, bathe Baby, and feed the little one gladly.

    For dads who enjoy playing caregiver, think of giving them tools that make their job just a little bit easier.

    Philips Avent, which manufactures parenting and baby products, has a few new nifty items great for any parent.

    Check out its new Soother Clip ($6.90), where you can attach the pacifier and clip it to the little tot's clothing. That means no more searching frantically in your baby carrier for that elusive thing.

    The product clips on easily and does not leave any marks on clothes, regardless of the material. It fits all soothers that have ring handles, and comes in three colours - blue, green and pink.

    Busy daddies who have to appease their screaming hungry babies quickly will rejoice at Philips Avent's new Thermal Bottle Warmer ($49), which ensures easy heating of the bottle without electricity.

    Simply fill the 500ml flask with hot water before leaving the house. When the baby needs a feed, pop the 180ml bottle of milk into the beaker provided and add hot water from the flask.

    You get milk at the perfect temperature in just 21/2 minutes.

    The bottle warmer has a protective lid that seals automatically when the cap is screwed on, preventing temperature loss and leakage.

    Clean all these parts conveniently and quickly with Microwave Steam Sterilizing Bags (sold separately for $20), which are designed to kill 99.9 per cent of harmful bacteria.

    Fill the bag with the disassembled bottle, add 60ml of water and pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds.

    Ms Aw Ee Ling, marketing manager of Philips Consumer Lifestyle, said the products make life easier for modern dads.

    "Thanks to this innovative new range, Dad not only gets extra brownie points from frazzled Mum by helping with the feeding process, but also gets that extra bonding time with his precious little one," she said.

    Get these items from leading department stores and baby speciality shops such as Kiddy Palace at Causeway Point Shopping Centre, Northpoint Shopping Centre, and Compass Point Shopping Centre.