Get a more comfy shave with CoolTec

SOOTHING: Braun's CoolTec shaver can reduce irritation such as burning sensations.


    Sep 27, 2013

    Get a more comfy shave with CoolTec

    FORGET about running cold water or putting ice on your face after shaving.

    Electronics manufacturer Braun has released the CoolTec, the world's first electric shaver that helps take the heat out of shaving.

    While most electric shavers allow heat to build up in their head, CoolTec has been designed to cool things down with an aluminium cooling bar incorporated into the three-cut shaver head.

    This helps to minimise irritation, such as burning sensations, tension and redness.

    The new shaver also comes with a long-hair trimmer for precise styling of one's beard and sideburns.

    Two models of the CoolTec, CT4s ($289) and CT5cc ($369), will be available at all major electronics chain stores, department stores, and selected hypermarkets and independent electronics stores from Nov 1.