Check out super cool superhero threads

BE SUPER GAL: Tog out in new collection of apparel from DC Comics Super Heroes store.
Check out super cool superhero threads

BE ALUMNUS: Dress up to be part of Monsters University, from Giordano.
Check out super cool superhero threads

BE WONDER WHATEVER: Superhero- themed boxers from Celio.


    Jul 05, 2013

    Check out super cool superhero threads

    EVEN before the newest Superman flick, Man Of Steel, ends its cinema run, another superhero movie is in the pipeline: The Wolverine is scheduled for release at the end of this month.

    In the spirit of the superhero season, readers may want to look for hero-inspired apparel to help them live out their own superhero dreams.

    Check out the fashion and lifestyle store DC Comics Super Heroes, which has expanded to five stores since 2005.

    There, you will find T-shirts, jackets and shoes, and accessories such as belts, watches and movie memorabilia featuring iconic characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Batman and Green Lantern.

    There are also polo shirts, some with Swarovski crystal embellishments.

    The clothing isn't just for fanboys and girls. Instead, expect "seasonless and classic" apparel suitable for all genders and generations, said Mr Irwan Sukarman, creative director of JT Network, which owns the stores under licence from Warner Bros Consumer Products.

    Mr Sukarman said superheroes have a universal appeal, as many grew up with these well-loved characters.

    "Something about them clicked with people... These themes are timeless and cut through generations," he said. "Superheroes are like us, but they are powered versions of us."

    Printed T-shirts range from $29 to $99, while Swarovski logo T-shirts cost $399. Polo T-shirts cost $99 while Swarovski polos are $428.

    The DC store isn't the only outlet offering "heroic" designs. At Celio, look for boxers ($33.90) with characters from The Avengers.

    At Giordano, find more movie-inspired merchandise. There, tees and hoodies (from $29 for a T-shirt) come emblazoned with the Monsters University crest.

    Get apparel from DC Comics Super Heroes in malls such as Plaza Singapura (#B1-31) and VivoCity (#02-57). Snag Celio's superhero boxers at malls such as Jem (#02-10) and Suntec City (#01-327/328). For Giordano outlets, call 6513-7200.