Jul 05, 2013

    Bye bye, muffin top!


    What: The body-sculpting procedure eliminates fat cells through a cooling process, and is good for targeted areas such as the thighs and arms. It claims to reduce the number of fat cells by an average of 20 per cent in the targeted area.

    Who's suitable: Those with a body mass index (BMI) of between 20 and 25.

    Price: Varies from clinic to clinic, but typically costs about $1,000 per treated area.

    Available at: Aesthetics clinics such as Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser Clinic at Wheelock Place #05-11, and Joyce Lim Skin and Laser Clinic at Paragon Medical Suites #11-16/18.


    What: Just one treatment and you could be one size smaller, thanks to high-intensity, focused ultrasound energy that gets rid of fat around the waist and abdomen. On average, patients report a waistline reduction of an inch, which is about one dress or pants size smaller.

    Who's suitable: Those with a BMI below 30.

    Price: From $1,500 for the flanks to $6,000 for both the flanks and abdomen.

    Available at: Aesthetics clinics such as NU.U - Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic at Paragon Medical Suites #09-18/19.


    What: This treatment involves the use of multi-directional rollers to "pinch and break down" excess fat deposits and cellulite in problem areas such as the tummy and thighs.

    Who's suitable: People of all ages; those with a higher BMI are advised to try body sculpting only after bringing down their weight through other treatments.

    Price: $280 for full body (35min) and $180 per localised area (20min). All prices before GST.

    Available at: Mary Chia outlets. Visit for more.