Apr 04, 2014

    Some ways to tame rowdy Geylang

    I REFER to the article, "MP vows to clean up rowdy Geylang" (My Paper, April 2).

    Allow me to suggest the following to address the key issues:

    1. Parking

    Remove all roadside parking spaces in Geylang Road and Sims Avenue. Replace them with high-rise auto parking facilities at selected spots where there are busy eateries (within a walking distance of 150m).

    2. High human traffic

    Install high barriers along road kerbs and road dividers to deter jaywalking. Build elevated pedestrian crossings connecting all four corners, especially at the traffic-light junction of Geylang Road and Aljunied Road, to replace surface road crossings. Also build overhead pedestrian bridges (OPBs) near the busy eateries, and have elevators at both ends. Install CCTV cameras near the OPBs.

    3. Littering and safety issues

    Install more CCTV cameras to monitor the situation. At selected spots in Geylang where there are lots of activities, especially during the evening on weekends, have permanent police posts that operate round the clock. Please have the CCTV cameras wired to the police posts.