Mar 13, 2014

    Protecting Ubin benefits all

    I REFER to the speech by Minister of State ( National Development) Desmond Lee about Pulau Ubin in Parliament on Monday.

    To say that I was encouraged by his thoughts on the island is an understatement. Mr Lee has set a new standard for engaging stakeholders on heritage-related matters.

    Pulau Ubin is already a wonderful place. From a natural heritage perspective, there is every reason to believe that it can be even better with the right planning, inputs from experts, and long-term commitment from both the people and public sectors.

    The National Parks Board (NParks) has been doing a good job in looking after Pulau Ubin's natural heritage since being tasked with the duty in the 1990s.

    Mr Lee's speech is both a reaffirmation of NParks' good work and a call for others to join in a broad community effort to safeguard and to improve where possible Ubin's heritage and nature value.

    And nature won't be the only beneficiary - all Singaporeans will be the winners, hopefully for many generations to come.

    The Nature Society is certainly buoyed by this opportunity to work with the Ministry of National Development and its statutory boards, along with other Pulau Ubin stakeholders, to ensure that the island is managed for the benefit of all, and to demonstrate the point that what is good for nature is also good for people.