Apr 04, 2014

    Have unique birth certs for SG50 babies

    I READ with interest the article, "A Jubilee gift for next year's S'pore babies" (My Paper, April 2).

    There is a saying, "To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art."

    In the context of nation-building, it is the pioneers who built the nation to what it is today but SG50 babies are the ones who will keep the nation prosperous, a caring place they will not forsake.

    I could understand why the Government decided to recognise the pioneers, but I do not agree fully that we should "reward" Singaporeans of the future who have yet to contribute to the nation.

    Giving sarongs or vouchers or gifts will not remind the SG50 individuals that they are blessed to be born here.

    What the Government could do is to create unique birth certificates to remind these individuals of their roots - and their benefactors - should they contemplate giving up their citizenship when they reach adulthood.

    Do not make every human interaction a transactional one.

    Loyalty and caring are values pioneers live by which brought our country this far.

    Reflect these values and the national pledge in the birth certificates of SG50 babies to serve as a reminder for years to come.