Oct 02, 2013

    Yoshinoya to farm in Fukushima

    MAJOR Japanese fast-food chain Yoshinoya said yesterday it would grow vegetables and rice in Fukushima prefecture, home to the nuclear plant crippled by a tsunami in 2011.

    Yoshinoya had set up a joint venture with local farmers to grow rice, onion and cabbage 80km from the nuclear plant, with strict radiation-screening measures put in place.

    "We believe this will lead to support for reconstruction," said Yoshinoya. It would also help secure low-priced produce for its beef bowl dishes.

    A Yoshinoya Singapore spokesman told My Paper its 20 outlets here get their "food products from local distributors rather than from Yoshinoya Japan" and "none of our ingredients are sourced directly from Japan".

    She added that all of Yoshinoya Singapore's food sources are subject to inspection by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore, so "all food served in Yoshinoya Singapore is safe for consumption".AGENCIES