Jul 26, 2013

    Why 'George Alexander Louis' for royal baby

    THE little prince was in need of a name, and now, by George, he's got one. Make that three: George Alexander Louis.

    George, a name shared by six previous kings, was the clear favourite during the fevered speculation about the prince's name, as it pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's beloved father, King George VI, who reigned from 1936 until his death in 1952.

    George VI, whose birth name was actually Albert and was known as Bertie, was the subject of the Oscar-winning film The King's Speech, which portrayed his struggle to overcome a severe stutter and lead his nation during World War II.

    The prince's middle name Alexander puzzled pundits, but friends of the baby's mother Kate said that the choice - a name not common among the royals - reflected her preference.

    The third name, Louis, reflected another strong royal sentiment, the fondness of the baby's grandfather, Prince Charles, for Lord Louis Mountbatten. Biographers of Prince Charles have said that he regarded Lord Mountbatten as a surrogate father.