What Asean leaders are saying online

UNHEALTHY SITUATION: Malaysia's Air Pollutant Index indicated that the capital Kuala Lumpur was experiencing "unhealthy" air, which has limited visibility to 1km, said Environment Minister G. Palanivel.


    Jun 24, 2013

    What Asean leaders are saying online

    LEADERS from countries affected by the haze have gone online, offering help to Indonesia to put out the open burning in Sumatra.

    Over Twitter, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that Asean had to work together to resolve the matter once and for all.

    "Only with everyone's support and cooperation can we solve this issue," he wrote.

    Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono tweeted over the weekend that both the Indonesian army and police have been mobilised to combat fires raging in Sumatra's Riau province. "The army and the police are quick and effective in helping to put out the fire spots in Riau," he tweeted.

    He added that he had instructed all "relevant agencies" at Indonesia's central and regional governments to resolve the problem within a month.

    In Singapore, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong seemed annoyed with the haze, and expressed this in a Facebook post.

    "PSI is now over 400. The Singapore Child is being suffocated. How can he not scream?" he asked.

    Malaysia declared a state of emergency in Muar and Ledang yesterday as air-pollution levels reached 16-year highs.

    Environment Minister G. Palanivel said the Air Pollutant Index (API) hit 750 in the town of Muar - a 16-year high for Malaysia - yesterday morning. The index also reached hazardous levels in two other towns.

    He said Malaysia's API indicated that the capital Kuala Lumpur was also experiencing "unhealthy" air, which has limited visibility to 1km.

    In Malaysia, API between 101 and 200 is "unhealthy" while anything above 300 is "hazardous".

    Cloud-seeding operations will be carried out in the worst haze-affected areas in the country, said Mr Palanivel.