Nov 01, 2013

    Viral Facebook phenomena


    Prodding someone with a finger took on a whole new meaning when it was introduced as a function on Facebook.

    It's up to users to decipher the intentions behind the digital poke that they received or sent via notifications. Some took it as a friendly greeting, while others understood it to have naughty connotations.

    Frantic virtual poking was all over Facebook during its early days, around 2005. Thankfully, the poke has faded into obscurity, although it still exists.


    It caught the attention of men when women started posting seemingly suggestive status updates, such as "I like it on the bed", in 2010.

    No, dirty talk wasn't going viral. It was part of a move to promote breast-cancer awareness by asking Facebook users to post answers to an innocent question: Where do you like to place your handbag?

    It's hard to pinpoint the origins of the guerilla campaign, but it caught on like wildfire each time a new question was circulated.


    From the sheer number of users' cartoon likeness appearing on Facebook newsfeeds of late, one could have mistaken the social-media platform to have gone pictorial with its status updates.

    The comics are the masterpieces of the Bitstrips app, which allows users to customise their avatars and comic scenes.

    It started out as a Facebook application in December, but Bitstrips gained popularity only after the company launched its mobile versions on iOS and Android in September and last month respectively.