Top scores but no place at KL unis

DISAPPOINTED: Student Chai Yee Lin, seen here with her mother, was offered a university course that she did not choose, despite obtaining a perfect 4.0 CGPA in her STPM examination.


    Jul 18, 2013

    Top scores but no place at KL unis

    IN RESPONSE to widespread chagrin that many top-scoring students in Malaysia's national examinations were not given places in local universities, Prime Minister Najib Razak has called for the issue to be raised at a Cabinet meeting this week.

    "I know some were disappointed to not get a place at uni, but don't give up. Will discuss at Cabinet this week how to best help these students," he said in a tweet on Tuesday.

    Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan said that more than 18,000 students failed to get places in public institutions of higher learning, although they had met the requirements, and urged them to appeal by Sunday, Bernama reported.

    Among those who were disappointed was Miss Chai Yee Lin, who obtained a perfect 4.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in her STPM examination.

    The teenager from Selangor applied to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and bio-medical courses at four public universities in Malaysia, but was offered a course that she did not choose - veterinary science at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.

    " I did state veterinary science as one of the secondary courses in the admission form, but I was confident that I could get medicine or dentistry," she said.

    Another student with a perfect score, Mr Choong Yong Sheng, was not offered a place at a public university at all.

    "I was very happy after receiving my STPM results, and I had high hopes of gaining a place to study medicine at one of our local universities.

    "I didn't expect to be left out and given nothing," said the 20-year-old from Penang.

    Matriculation student Deveshini Uthandi, 20, who scored 3.96, was devastated when she learnt that she did not make it to any of the public universities.

    "I had wanted to make my family proud by being the first in the family to enter a public university," she said.