Oct 16, 2013

    Thailand leads in MPs from big political clans

    THAILAND has the world's highest ratio of MPs who are heirs or relatives of big political clans and families, according to a study unveiled on Monday.

    Dr Satithorn Thananithichote, of the King Prajadhipok's Institute, said that up to 42 per cent of members in the House of Representatives came from big political families.

    Thailand leads Mexico (40 per cent), the Philippines (37 per cent), Japan (33 per cent), Argentina (10 per cent) and the United States (6 per cent).

    The study found that the ruling Pheu Thai Party had the highest number of political families.

    Some 19 political families currently have MPs in the party, followed by the Democrats, with 17 political families.

    The Bhum Jai Thai and Chart Thai Pattana parties have four and three political families, respectively, while the Palang Chon Party and Rak Prathet Thai have members from one political family each among its MPs.