Nov 14, 2013

    Strangers united on Facebook for march

    HOW do you conduct a secret operation, Singapore-style?

    A group of young men who did an Anonymous-inspired Million Mask March on Nov 5 appeared to have coordinated their meet-up entirely on a public Facebook page, with some providing their real names, phone numbers and even live updates of their whereabouts.

    Police said on Tuesday that 12 men who gathered near City Hall MRT station that night are assisting them in investigations on possible illegal assembly. One participant of the Facebook meet-up told MyPaper that his group is among those doing so.

    They appeared to have first met on the Million Mask March Singapore Facebook event page. They discussed where they could buy Guy Fawkes masks, where to meet, and what to do.

    Their discussion coalesced in one thread, started by one Facebook user who suggested meeting at City Hall MRT station on 7pm. "Then we will plan five different routes around City Hall to parade in fours. Anybody with me, please join us!" he said.

    This thread attracted more than 140 comments, with six individuals posting live updates to find one another. They gave details about what they were wearing and their exact locations. Two users even revealed their mobile numbers.

    "Where is everyone?? I'm here with 2 guys standing at the entrance to city link mall... U can't miss the bald dude," posted one user.

    The fun ended soon after.