May 31, 2013

    Son of Samsung heir in school furore

    THE 13-year-old son of Samsung heir Lee Jay Yong is to leave a prestigious school after a controversy over his admission snowballed over the past few months, the local media reported on Wednesday.

    Mr Lee, who is Samsung's vice-chairman, reportedly notified the school that his son will no longer be attending Younghoon International Middle School. Earlier this year, his son was accepted by the school under a special admissions programme for single-parent households. Mr Lee, 45, divorced his wife in 2009.

    While some said the admission was fair as he is a single father, others decried the school for allowing one of the wealthiest people in South Korea to use a system originally meant for underprivileged families.

    The furore intensified when the school was raided on Tuesday on suspicion that it had skewed admission scores to favour certain applicants, including - one Seoul city-council official alleged - Mr Lee's son.

    "I am sorry for having caused a stir over my son's was my fault for not being able to check up on this properly," Mr Lee said in a brief statement.