Soft darts hit bullseye across Asian pubs

IT'S A HIT: Soft darts is high-tech, with flashing lights, bleeps and all.


    Jun 18, 2013

    Soft darts hit bullseye across Asian pubs

    THE game of darts that was once the preserve of dimly-lit bars has been reborn in the 21st century - young executives and teenagers alike have been flocking to dedicated darts pubs.

    They play a high-tech version of the game, complete with flashing lights, electronic bleeps and a computer that does all the maths.

    Welcome to the world of soft darts, which is sweeping across Asia with a rapidly swelling fanbase and its own high-profile tournaments - the most lucrative of which this year is offering a prize pot of HK$5 million (S$808,000).

    In soft darts, the arrows' steel tips are replaced with plastic points and the electronic board calculates the scores.

    One of the game's top players is Singapore's Paul Lim. "Soft-tip is much faster and simpler. This is made for people not to think, just to have fun," said Lim.

    Meanwhile, Dartslive International is linking up all the machines it provides worldwide electronically, allowing players on opposite sides of the world to take on one another in real time.