Dec 03, 2013

    Snow of cash in Mall of America


    SHOPPERS at the Mall of America looking for bargains could not have expected this.

    While a band performed the Christmas classic Let It Snow at the atrium on Saturday, it did - snow money, that is.

    The largess of Mr Serge Vorobyov, who rained US$1,000 (S$1,255) in dollar bills from the third floor of the Bloomington mall to the crowd below, earned him a ticket from the local police.

    Bloomington police, who accuse him of disorderly conduct, said it was "a publicity stunt". The notes were stamped with his YouTube address.

    In a YouTube video that Mr Vorobyov posted under the name Serge The Car Hauler, he says he had a "really tough year" when his wife left him, taking even the cat. He says he decided to throw out his "last US$1,000" to spread "holiday cheer".

    "I don't see how (spreading) holiday cheer is disorderly conduct," he said.

    A Mall of America spokesman said Mr Vorobyov disrupted the performance and could have caused a serious situation, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.