Small company with a big heart

GOOD CAUSE: Senior planner Grace Lim (second from left) and other Brady Singapore staff held a barbecue fund-raiser for the Singapore Children’s Society’s Sunbeam Place. A total of $6,000 was raised and some of it was used to purchase computers for the home. PHOTO: BRADY SINGAPORE


    Sep 10, 2013

    Small company with a big heart

    MENTION year end and employee appreciation, and what immediately comes to mind are company dinner-and-dances, or family days at one of Singapore’s tourist attractions.

    But for Brady Singapore, its financial-year-end event in August last year was also about giving back to the community.

    The firm put together a barbecue fund-raiser at its office in Kaki Bukit Crescent instead.

    While the management showed their appreciation by cooking a barbecue lunch for the employees, various departments also set up game or food stalls, funfair-style.

    The half-day event raised $6,000 for Brady Singapore’s adopted charity, the Singapore Children’s Society’s Sunbeam Place, a home for abused and neglected children aged between two and 18.

    Using the funds, five new desktop computers were bought for the home. Volunteers from Brady Singapore, including an information-technology engineer and IT manager, also helped to set up the computers. With the leftover amount, a McDonald’s dinner party was held for the kids last October, together with a magic show and storytelling sessions.

    Brady Singapore’s barbecue fund-raiser is just one of many activities under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, which seeks to galvanise staff through a social cause they can identify with.

    Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete identification solutions.

    Ms Doreen Cheah, the regional human-resources manager for South Asia at Brady Corporation Asia, said: “Brady Singapore has 150 employees, which is a somewhat small office.

    “To help get them excited and involved so that we can sustain community activities and CSR opportunities, we wanted to look at which community-involvement activities would appeal to our team.”

    Staff were asked to pick the kind of charity that they would like to support.

    To facilitate their participation, employees were also given time off during office hours. Staff were also divided into small groups to take on different CSR activities throughout the year.

    Between April and June last year, staff went in groups of four every week to provide tutoring services and companionship to the children at Sunbeam Place. A total of 50 employees took part.

    For Chinese New Year this year, Brady Singapore sponsored a new set of clothes for every child at Sunbeam Place, with volunteers working with the home’s staff to buy the clothes. Most recently, 19 employees and their family members took part in the Singapore Children’s Society Flag Day.

    “All the activities we did worked well for the size of our team and with the focus on a community partner that we knew resonated with our Brady team, which helped with participation,” said Ms Cheah.

    Ms Grace Lim, a senior planner at Brady Singapore, said: “I feel proud to be in the firm and be able to contribute to society through company-organised events.”