Rogue guard kills bank exec in robbery

CRIME SCENE: At an Ambank branch near Kuala Lumpur, a man was caught on video dragging a bank employee out of a room with a safe, after shooting bank officer Norazita Abu Talib (in red).


    Oct 25, 2013

    Rogue guard kills bank exec in robbery

    A SECURITY guard-turned- rogue shot dead a bank operations officer in a robbery at an Ambank branch near Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, and the CCTV footage of her murder was uploaded online.

    Ms Norazita Abu Talib, 37, was shot once in the face with a pump-action shotgun, The Malaysian Insider reported.

    A 33-second CCTV recording showed an office room and an open door where Ms Norazita, in red, was standing with a female colleague in white.

    Both had their backs to the camera and were facing a safe.

    As Ms Norazita turned, 0:03 second into the video, she collapsed suddenly and her colleague was seen covering her ears against the noise of a gunshot.

    The assailant then ran towards the safe from behind the camera and dragged the frantic colleague out of the room.

    He then walked over Ms Norazita's stationary body and proceeded to collect the money from the safe in a bag.

    Ms Norazita was a mother of two and had been working at Ambank for 16 years.

    The security guard, who fled with an undisclosed amount of money on a motorcycle, has been identified as a 37-year-old Sabahan with a fake identity card.

    He was meant to be a substitute guard for the bank and had worked in another bank next to the Ambank branch, said the security firm he worked for.