Jun 21, 2013

    Recipes for relief


    White fungus (bai mu er): Boil white fungus with almond or gingko nuts to make dessert. Nourishes the respiratory system.

    Chinese pear: Make pear soup with lean pork and almonds. Nourishes the lungs.

    Raw liquorice (sheng gan cao): Mix raw liquorice with warm water to make tea. Good for lung infections.

    Green-bean soup: Helps to clear pathogens in the respiratory system.

    Snakegourd fruit (gua lou): Can be eaten on its own or boiled as a soup or drink. It dissolves phlegm.

    Lily bulbs (bai he) with snow fungus (yin er): Boil and simmer snow fungus for two hours. Add lily bulbs and rock sugar or honey to make a drink. Clears heat from the body and nourishes the lungs.


    Raw liquorice: Soothes coughs and reduces inflammation. Good for persistent coughs.


    Liquorice root (gan cao): Boil liquorice root with honeysuckle flower and drink as tea. Reduces heat and humidity.

    Chrysanthemum (ju hua): Has "cooling" properties, which bring down body heat.

    Green-bean soup: Good for people with "heaty" symptoms as well as those seeking to prevent illness.

    Watermelon juice: Reduces heat and humidity.