Primary-school road measures to be tested

GO SLOW: Measures to improve road safety at primary schools, like reducing the speed limit to 40kmh, were unveiled yesterday.


    Nov 15, 2013

    Primary-school road measures to be tested

    CRUISING along a school zone at 50kmh? You could be fined for exceeding the speed limit of 40kmh if a pilot programme is extended to more primary schools.

    Yesterday, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) unveiled six intiatives to improve road safety at primary schools, including reducing the speed limit to 40kmh during school hours.

    When the speed limit is in operation, motorists will be alerted to it through flashing amber lights installed above the speed-limit sign.

    Drivers who exceed the speed limit of a road by up to 20kmh can be fined $130 for a light vehicle or $160 for a heavy vehicle, and receive four demerit points.

    The other measures include warning markings at zebra crossings to remind pupils to watch out for traffic, and markings to visually narrow the lane so motorists will slow down. These measures will be tested at 10 primary schools from the first quarter of next year, and will be extended progressively to other schools.

    To be customised to suit the road layout and infrastructure at each school, the new measures will supplement school-zone signs and red sections on selected roads.

    Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said the six initiatives arose from a review by the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Committee, which he chairs.

    In the first nine months of this year, there were 28 pedestrian fatalities and 604 cases of injury, based on preliminary figures from the Department of Statistics.

    This contrasts with 30 deaths and 703 pedestrians hurt a year ago.