Aug 22, 2013

    Positive survey results inspire LTA campaign

    PUBLIC-TRANSPORT users here are a gracious lot, going by the findings of a recent survey by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

    Among other things, 98 per cent of respondents said they queue up and give way to alighting train passengers (see sidebar).

    The face-to-face survey, conducted between June and last month, involved 1,000 commuters.

    The positive findings will be the inspiration behind a series of posters and stickers launched by the LTA today, as part of the "Make it Right for a Better Ride" programme.

    To be put up at commuter touchpoints islandwide, such as train windows, the posters and stickers exemplify positive commuter behaviour which would, hopefully, nudge more commuters towards graciousness.

    They aim to highlight gracious commuting behaviour instead of chastising those who are inconsiderate. Previous campaigns, such as those featuring local icons Phua Chu Kang and the Dim Sum Dollies, had focused more on what people can do to become more courteous commuters.

    In a media release yesterday, LTA said the posters and stickers will "illustrate positive social norms" that encourage more commuters to follow suit and "do the right thing".

    On this year's campaign, Public Transport Council chairman Gerard Ee told My Paper: "It's a ground-up approach, because the community itself must want to take responsibility in changing behaviours and learning how to be gracious."

    Sales assistant Minnie Meiya, 29, said graciousness on public transport has "definitely improved since a few years ago, because it is now a social rule".

    But other commuters, like businesswoman Wang Li You, 35, said she still sees many commuters who disregard queues at train-station platforms.

    She said: "When the trains arrive, people just rush in without waiting for others to alight."