Jun 17, 2013

    Police-issued labels help recover 2 stolen bikes

    TWO stolen bicycles were recovered and will soon be returned to their owners, thanks to police-issued security labels.

    The police said in a statement yesterday that they have nabbed suspects believed to be involved in the two separate cases of theft.

    The arrests came after officers spotted the labels stuck on the stolen bicycles.

    Over 20,000 of these security labels have been issued since their introduction two years ago, in June 2011.

    They are available for free at any neighbourhood police centre. Each has a unique serial number that helps identify a bicycle if it is stolen.

    While conducting checks on a group of young people recently, officers found one such label on a bicycle in their possession.

    Further investigation revealed that a bicycle bearing that label had been reported stolen. Three male suspects, aged between 13 and 16, were arrested and the bicycle seized as evidence.

    In the second case, the police found a security label on a bicycle secured to a metal railing along a walkway, and confirmed that its owner had lodged a report earlier.

    A 15-year-old male suspect was arrested in an ambush.

    Bicycle thefts have been on the rise over the past five years. Just last year, there were 1,216 thefts, up from 1,137 in 2011.

    The police advised the public to keep bicycles at home, and to lock them when they are left unattended. Cyclists can use a U-lock, which provides better security than a cable lock.