Petrol woes for Shell patrons

TAINTED PETROL: Water was said to have entered one of the Shell FuelSave 95 petrol tanks at this Seletar Hill outlet.


    Nov 07, 2013

    Petrol woes for Shell patrons

    A MANAGER found his car vibrating uncontrollably, as if "the engine was about to explode", after it was topped up with petrol that had been mixed with water, a report said yesterday.

    Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that Mr Chen had made a trip to the Seletar Hill Shell petrol station in Yio Chu Kang Road at around 9pm on Monday to refuel his car before heading home.

    But upon reaching his block in Hougang, the 46-year-old's car started to shake, and the engine began rumbling.

    The intense shaking of his car, coupled with the noise it was making, made it seem as if the car's fan-belt was about to snap and the engine about to explode, he said.

    "It was quite terrifying," Wanbao quoted Mr Chen as saying.

    "At first I thought my car engine was faulty and planned to send it for repair. But at about 2pm the next day when I wanted to drive out to the repair shop, I found I couldn't start my car," he said.

    "I thought my car had broken down but later I received a call from the petrol station asking if I had refilled my tank there the night before."

    The petrol station's staff reportedly told Mr Chen that there was a problem - without specifying what it was - and that he had to take the car back for repairs.

    Mr Chen told the paper that industry experts he spoke to suspected that the petrol pumped into his car had been mixed with water, causing the engine to act up.

    The petrol station reportedly received complaints from several car owners that there was an issue with the petrol.

    The paper reported that it remains unclear whether the problem had been caused by an individual or by heavy downpours.

    Shell was reported to have confirmed that water got into one of its Shell FuelSave 95 petrol tanks at its Seletar Hill outlet.

    A spokesman said it has stopped selling petrol from that particular tank and that other tanks have not been affected.

    Shell was said to have started an in-depth investigation into the matter.