Aug 01, 2013

    Over 10 die in record heatwave in Shanghai

    MORE than 10 people have died in China's commercial hub Shanghai, a local health official said yesterday as the city swelters in its highest temperatures for at least 140 years.

    Much of China is in the grip of a summer heatwave, and the China Meteorological Administration issued a high-temperature warning for several eastern and central provinces, saying temperatures could reach 41 deg C yesterday.

    Mr Leng Guangming, a spokesman for the Shanghai Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, said there had been more than 10 victims of heat stroke in the city up to last Friday.

    Temperatures surpassed 38 deg C in almost all areas of Shanghai yesterday, peaking at 39.8 deg C in the central Xujiahui district in the afternoon.

    The authorities issued a "red" heatwave warning in the afternoon - the highest level - but later lowered it to "orange".

    Experts blame a subtropical high-pressure system and a lack of rain for the heatwave.

    The heat was the top topic being discussed on the social-networking site Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, yesterday afternoon. Footage of a slice of pork cooked through in 10 minutes on an outdoor stone slab, taken by a Shanghai TV station, has gone viral online.

    "It turns out that the only difference between me and roast meat is a pinch of cumin," joked one Weibo user.

    Yesterday was the ninth consecutive day that the mercury topped 38 deg C in Shanghai.