Outrage over cartoon frescos

BEFORE... This was one of the ancient frescos in Yunjie temple in Chaoyang, before the Chinese authorities "restored" them. The delicate paintings were intact, albeit crumbling.
Outrage over cartoon frescos

...AND AFTER: This is one of the "restored" paintings in Yunjie temple that was painted over the centuries-old Buddhist frescos. The cartoon-like figures are from Taoist myths.


    Oct 24, 2013

    Outrage over cartoon frescos

    THE Chinese authorities have "restored" centuries-old Buddhist frescos in a temple by painting them over with cartoon-like figures from Taoist myths, reports said on Tuesday, prompting outrage online.

    It is the latest example of controversial heritage preservation in China, where many ancient structures have been destroyed in recent decades, sometimes to be replaced by replicas.

    Two officials were sacked over the incident, the Global Times reported.

    The Yunjie temple in Chaoyang, in the north-eastern province of Liaoning, was built more than 270 years ago and the delicate original paintings had survived, albeit crumbling, until the "refurbishment".

    The new paintings are bold, simplistic, and of completely different subjects.