Open kitchen for new flats

YOUR CHOICE: Waterway View in Punggol is one of the BTO projects that will have the open-concept-kitchen option.
Open kitchen for new flats

UNDER ONE ROOF: Some 84 three-generation flats, part of efforts to facilitate mutual care and support for multi-generation families, will be offered in Saraca Breeze @ Yishun.


    Sep 27, 2013

    Open kitchen for new flats

    GOOD news for flat buyers who prefer an open-concept kitchen and don't do a lot of cooking with oil.

    Starting with this month's Build-to-Order (BTO) exercise, the Housing Board will, where feasible, give buyers the choice of whether to have a partition wall between the kitchen and dining or living area.

    Yesterday, the HDB announced the launch of 4,156 new BTO flats in six projects in Punggol and Yishun.

    In Punggol, the projects are: Matilda Edge, Waterway View and The Verandah @ Matilda.

    Projects in Yishun are: Khatib Court, Palm Breeze @ Yishun and Saraca Breeze @ Yishun.

    Projects that have the kitchen-partition-wall option are Waterway View, The Verandah, Khatib Court and Saraca Breeze. The wall option is not listed for two-room units.

    Home buyers will pay extra to have the kitchen partition wall, which will become a standard item under the Optional Component Scheme for BTO flats.

    The costs vary, based on flat type, project and wall length. For example, the wall for a four-room flat at Waterway View can cost $750, while that for a four-room flat at Saraca Breeze can cost $1,300.

    HDB said that the wall option at this month's launch was due to the positive response from an open-concept-kitchen pilot for Teck Ghee Parkview flats in last September's BTO exercise.

    This month's BTO exercise will also see the launch of pilot three-generation flats, as part of efforts to facilitate mutual care and support for multi-generation families. Some 84 of these flats will be offered at Saraca Breeze. Each of the 115 sq m flats has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

    Only applicants comprising at least a married or courting couple, and their parent or parents listed in the application, will be eligible to buy these flats.