Nov 20, 2013

    NZ 'Fifty Shades' rape case dismissed


    A NEW Zealand man has been cleared of raping his estranged wife while pretending to be her young lover in a case partially inspired by the novel Fifty Shades Of Grey, a report said yesterday


    The man was facing two counts of rape and four of unlawful sexual connection after having sex with the woman twice last year, his identity hidden by a balaclava and sunglasses, Fairfax New Zealand reported.

    The New Plymouth District Court was told the man began sending text messages to his estranged wife from a new mobile phone, assuming the persona of a 20-year-old man.

    It said the pair agreed to a sexual liaison, but the man donned a balaclava and communicated with her only by gestures.

    The second time it happened, she followed him and complained to police after becoming suspicious. Defence lawyer Paul Keegan said many of the text messages exchanged were inspired by Fifty Shades.

    Judge Allan Roberts acquitted the man on all charges, saying it was the most extraordinary case he had presided over.