Nov 14, 2013

    New adultery site seeks to sink roots here

    RIDING on the cheating wave, another website has emerged, seemingly inspired by the failed launch of adultery website Ashley Madison here.

    Using the same "finger on the lips" photo, announced that it launched in Singapore yesterday.

    When contacted, a customer service officer said that the company launched the site here as part of its target to launch in a different country every month.

    He also said that the company would seek registration today and it will be run as a ".sg" website.

    The present site is apparently based in Chicago in the United States, under "Chief Executive Officer Danny Smith".

    "We have been online since 2010. Over two million members and growing every day. We are a free dating website, unlike Ashley Madison," the customer service officer said.

    When asked about the site, Ashley Madison's chief executive, Mr Noel Biderman, said: "This is certainly not us. Ashley Madison has spawned a plethora of imitators."