Jun 17, 2013

    Myanmar stops sending workers to Malaysia

    MYANMAR has suspended sending its workers to Malaysia since last Thursday, according to its Ministry of Labour.

    This follows a series of attacks targeting Myanmar citizens that began on May 30, leaving five dead and more than 10 injured.

    Fighting in several neighbourhoods around Kuala Lumpur earlier this month triggered worries that tensions between Myanmar's Buddhists and Muslim minority had spilled over to Malaysia.

    The Federation of Overseas Employment Agencies instructed local employment companies not to send any more workers to the country, due to the violence against Myanmar workers there.

    Ms Ei Mon Soe, a director of the ministry, said: "The violence there forced us to do so. We got reports that the situation there has calmed down, so the move would be temporary. But we can't say when it will restart.

    "We will have to discuss with the government delegation that returned from there."

    She urged those who are in the process of going to Malaysia to work to postpone the trip.

    More than 500 workers have applied to the ministry for official smart cards to work in Malaysia, the ministry said.