Man spat on woman in queuing dispute

CAUGHT IN THE ACT: The man in blue was caught on video spitting on the woman in anger after being reprimanded for jumping a queue at the Woodlands bus interchange on Tuesday.


    Oct 24, 2013

    Man spat on woman in queuing dispute

    A VIDEO of a man spitting on a woman - not once, but twice - at the Woodlands bus interchange on Tuesday night has raised concerns among commuters.

    The video - which was posted on Stomp yesterday and has garnered more than 20,000 views - shows the man raising his voice at two women and even threatening to hit the one he spat on.

    The man's wrath allegedly erupted over commuters reprimanding him for jumping a bus queue.

    Transport operator SMRT said in a statement that its staff alerted police at the onset of the incident, which took place at 9.30pm on Tuesday.

    The police confirmed that they attended to the incident at 9.40pm.

    A spokesman said the police have interviewed the parties involved and investigations are ongoing.

    My Paper understands that no arrest has yet been made.

    Netizens, who posted the video on SMRT's Facebook page, questioned if the transport operator's security staff could have done more to restrain the man and stop him from spitting on the woman.

    An SMRT spokesman said that its security staff "made a judgment call to intervene and to guide the aggressor away" while waiting for the authorities to arrive.

    The spokesman reminded commuters to be gracious and polite while in a queue.

    He said: "Inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated and will be reported to the authorities."