Aug 02, 2013

    Malaysians seek to bulletproof car windows

    MALAYSIANS, who are known for pimping their ride, are now looking to bulletproof their vehicles.

    There have also been enquiries on making the windows of their homes bulletproof.

    STEC Laminates director James Thomas said enquiries for security protection of cars have increased during the last week.

    "Our main market is not in Malaysia. We export our materials to 30 other countries. Since the shooting incidents, enquiries have increased and we have received five calls in one week," said Mr Thomas.

    STEC Holdings specialises in armour resistance units, which were initially made to thwart smash-and-grab cases but Mr Thomas said the dense material of the unit also protects a vehicle from bullets.

    A Secu Glass representative said that people have enquired about bulletproof glass for houses and vehicles.

    She also said that orders had increased after the recent spate of shooting incidents, as more people became concerned for their safety.

    Bulletproof glass is common in the market and, according to the Road Transport Department, there are no regulations when it comes to bulletproof vehicles.

    Vehicle-inspection firm Puspakom also said there are no regulations or licensing when it comes to bulletproof vehicles.

    A check showed that one can bulletproof the windows of a Perodua Kancil for about RM1,000 (S$392), but it would cost more for other models.